Thursday , February 22 2018
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Poll results are out! “Problem solving techniques in different countries”

Do you remember our recent poll about “problem solving techniques in different countries”? Not knowing that polls were so popular, I was very surprised to see that a whole of 622 people voted their favor way of solving problems. The result of the poll was equally surprising! Although I have no data about the nationality of the voters, but based on KTG-visitors statistics, I could assume that the majority of voters were not Greeks.

Here is the poll based on the this scheme:

problem solutions

and here is the result

Poll results


PS I think I should run more polls, right?


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  1. not that it’s my favorite, but the one that’s closest to how we “solve” problems in Puerto Rico is like Greece. Instead of getting stuck on drachma vs euro, we can’t get past our political status: current (US colony), US state, or independence? and along the way lots of café (we grow it!) and other goodies, plus lots of time for music and dancing (which we also do in our protests).

  2. my favorite was the British way 🙂

  3. No…Their solution is not a solution. They wouldn’t know one if it jumped up and bit them. They just make it somebody else’s problem, if need be through a good war or so.

  4. ?