Friday , December 15 2017
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Soaked in sirup, buried under a mountain of sweets…

Υou think I lost my fighter’s spirit? Just because I didn’t post many post on my blog and didn’t keep my regular writing pace? There are several reasons why this happened and I try to explain asking for your understanding.
The truth is that today, Monday , the day of Epiphany – the day when trolls and goblins go away and brave young men dive in the cold sea water to catch the Cross – I try to recover my own Epiphany. That is the moment of sudden and great realization.
The truth is that during the last two weeks my fighter’s spirit was blanketed by icing sugar, before being covered by a thick layer of melted bitter-sweet chocolate, sprinkled with toasted chopped almonds, it sank first into a lake of sweet sour prunes sauce and dived later into an ocean of cinnamon flavored honey syrup.
Anyone who lives in Greece will find this explanation as very logical and convincing.
My second argument to support my disappearance is that there were almost no important news to report about. Or there were…. but again I was too busy with seasoning stuffing, mixing greens, boiling apples and celery, roasting poultry and rolls, baking cakes and pies. No time to sit down and concentrate on a post about million-euro bribes in the defense ministry or a clown of a former transportation ministry who allegedly received EU funding for his private summer villa.
No, there was no time for such things. And furthermore, cooking and baking do definitely tend to crisp and rise under the powerful impact of an amazing symphony concerts than under the economic misery and the politicians’ fanfare.

soaked in sirup…

OK, some people committed suicide during these days, and a cancer patient -uninsured- died because he had no access to public health care.
But on TV, our government politicians urge us to have trust and confidence that things will get better and “our sacrifices will be awarded”.
You see what I mean,m when I say I cannot expose my cakes and pies to news on TV?
PS Now that the Festive mood is over, I will go to the pharmacy tomorrow and pay cash €210 for the medication of my mom. For a second month in a raw. Due to EOPYY doctor’s strike, I can get no prescription and pay just 25% of the total amount. The Health Minister claims that National Health Care doctors are not needed and his argument to support one more of his notorious illogical arguments is “why patients do not raise their voice against your strike? Because you’re not needed!”
Of course, they’re not needed. Because the patients died….

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