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UPD Kidnapped businessman M. Karamolegos freed, one kidnapper surrendered to police

Kidnapped businessman Manolis Karamolegos was released on Wednesday afternoon, at least two of the kidnappers has been arrested. P{Olice is seeking a third man. According to first information reported by the Greek media, the kidnapper-trio allegedly consists of a Greek and two foreign nationals, at least one of them Moldavian. media reported that he used to work at the bread-factory of the 60-year-old businessman.

Media report that Karamolegos remained for over 12 hours in the port-baggage of his car and that he finally manage to persuade one of the kidnappers to release him and surrender himself to police.

Late Wednesday afternoon, “Manolis Karamolegos went to the police station of Keratea in east Attica in the company of the Moldavian kidnapper who was in possession of a pistol,” private Skai TV reported.

Some media report that the kidnappers were in constant contact with the family of the kidnapped businessman and that they were demanding 2 million euro ransom.

The kidnapping took place on Tuesday night, while Karamolegos was on his way home. He was kidnapped in Gerakas village, some 30 km north-east of Athens.

It is not clear whether the kidnappers mistreated their victim, but from what media report, it is clear they were very dilettante.

Manolis Karamolegos owes a factory producing toast bread. He had recently received a bank loan of 2.3 million euro. (protothema, zougla etc)

UPDATE 16/1/2014 In a statement Manolis Karamolegos dismissed media reports that any of his kidnappers was working at his bread factory or had any connections with his employees.

So far two kidnappers of Moldavian nationality have been arrested, police is searching for a third man, allegedly the “mastermind” of the kidnapping, a Greek.

Wednesday noon KTG reported:

A well-known businessman has been kidnapped, Greek media report on Wednesday noon. According to initial reports, the man is one of the leading businessmen in Greece. While the police gives as minimum information as possible, it has started a huge operation to locate the kidnappers and the victim.

While the name of the victim has not been officially announced, some websites posted the name of a very well-known Greek businessman.

The man has been apparently kidnapped short before midnight Tuesday, while the businessman was returning home in Palaia Penteli, an area in north Athens.

According to media, the kidnappers allegedly aim at a huge butch of ransom money, as the businessman has recently received a large bank loan. So far, the kidnappers had no contact with the businessman’s family. (, protothema, and others)



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