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Want to change subscription address in KTG’s RSS- and Email – Feed?

Occasionally we receive e-mails requests that we add or change the e-mail address of a subscriber to KTG’s RSS-Feed or E-mail subscriptions. Here is the point: We Don’t Do This!  And thus for several reasons, most important of them being that we consider such an intervention having  a “strong touch of spamming”.

In this sense

1) we don’t intervene in such a procedure

2) we do not add subscribers or delete subscriptions

3) we favor Do It Yourself.

Therefore, if you change your e-mail address or want to stop receiving updates, either add the new email or cancel the subscription.

Steps to change subscription e-mail address

  1. unsubscribe with old e-mail address
  2. subscribe anew with new email address
  3. confirm new subscription

BTW: some of these requests look like spams…

PS changing a PC does not automatically change your email address, right?

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  1. Did you change the format of the RSS feed? Until today I used to get the full text in my RSS reader, now I get a cut-off after 2 lines, with a “more…” link.

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