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Daily Archives: December 3, 2014

Athens: Riot police against people on wheelchairs

International Day for people with disabilities and Greeks on wheelchairs moved to the Finance Ministry in downtown Athens in order to protest austerity measures and benefits cuts and increase in prescription medicine participation, the collapse of the welfare state. But… Hey! Riot police decided that people with disabilities could eventually …

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E-mails come and go and it looks as if the Troika will extend Greece’s bailout program

E-mails land in the inboxes of the Troika and the Greek government seeking an agreement on what austerity measures the debt-ridden Greeks will have to take in order to fill the fiscal gap of 2.5 billion euro stated by the country’s international lenders EU, IMF and ECB. The latste Troika …

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Greece is not alone: Italy, Romania and Bulgaria equally corrupt among EU countries

Italy, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria are seen as equally corrupt among EU countries, while Denmark is the least graft-prone country, according to the yearly corruption perception index published by Transparency International on Wednesday (3 December). The index scores and ranks countries around the world based on how corrupt their public …

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Judges reject Romanos’ request; clashes in Athens over hunger-striker

The Judicial Council rejected on Wednesday morning the request of hunger-striker Nikos Romanos to be granted educational furloughs while in prison. With Justice showing a relentless face towards a convict on hunger strike claiming his right to education as foreseen by the law, media reported last night, that coalition government …

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