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Athens Stocks Exchange to reopen Monday, August 3rd

Short after  3 pm on Friday, the Bank of Greece and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission sent their recommendations for the reopening of the Athens stock Exchange to the Finance ministry. Euclid Tsakalotos is expected to sign today the relevant decree so that investors in Greece and abroad are analytically …

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Creditors’ new combo “The Troika Four” started inspections in Athens

I have been wondering whether the new Troika which is a Quartet should be called “The Creditors’ Quartet” or “The Troika Four” or just “Greece’s creditors”. The new combo of representatives from European Commission, International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Stability Mechanism definitely news a new short description, …

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Heat wave to hit Greece with 39°-41° C in the shadow

One does not need the weather forecast to be aware that a heat wave is on the way. Athenians woke up on Monday in a “boiling” atmosphere with high humidity levels and the air full of dangerous smog-particles. After weeks of north winds sweeping away the summer heat, the time …

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Greek Parliament approves creditors’ bill, rift in SYRIZA remains

With overwhelming majority the Greek Parliament approved the second bill of “prior actions” demanded by the country’s creditors. The Bill was approved with 230 votes. Against the bill voted 63 lawmakers among them also 31 from Tsipras’ SYRIZA. Another 5 SYRIZA lawmakers voted “present”. Voting result: YES 230 SYRIZA, Independent …

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“Well-known Greek shipowner” accused by prosecutor to head criminal racket

The man is well-known in Greece. In fact, he become broadly known when he invested in several media outlets almost a decade ago. Before this, hardly any Greek knew the young and very successful shipowner – apart from his colleagues shipowners, of course. Two years ago, the said man had …

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