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Too much thinking, too much listening, too much worrying, too much typing… then my fingers go independent and ;orhen ai can;t wirite [s dwwhat isd want or habve aopski mind …

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PM Tsipras Speech at the European Parliament I + II

Below are the two speeches at the Plenary Session of the European Parliament on July 8th 201. The first text is Tsipras’ opening speech and the second after several MEPs took the floor launching an unprecedented  attack against the Greek Prime Minister. Tsipras opening speech Thank you very much Mr. …

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Greece requests 3-Year Program/Loan – Copy of Letter to ESM

Greece sent Wednesday morning a letter to European Stability Mechanism requesting a 3-year loan in order to “meet its financial obligations” and “ensure stability of the financial system.” It is the 3. bailout Greece is going to receive since 2010 as austerity programs without provisions for growth have led to …

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EP session on Greece: Parody in Madhouse & Tsipras’ speech

Today’s European Parliament Plenary session on Greece looks like a madhouse with dozens of people speaking about things one could believe that “they have no idea what they’re talking about.” What is clear so far, is that 95%-98% of EP parties or better say “MEPs” have sharply attacked Prime Minister …

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There is also Refugees Crisis in Greece (video)

Unbelievable scenes on the island of Lesvos as refugees try to raid food truck. The incident took place when nearly 2,500 migrants hosted in the camp of Lesvos (Mytilene) municipality in Kara Tepe saw the catering truck approaching. They started to run for a plate with food. Reason fro the …

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