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A not so bright day…

I dare say that today is a horrible day. most probably a power cut in PPC network has “burned” the power supply of my desktop PC screen. I try to work using my tiny notebook that operates  on a turtle/speed. It is old and some keys on the keyboard do not even function properly..

In the last days, I also have troubles with the internet connection, so I probably have to go replace the router..

If I am lucky, I can get my fixed eyeglasses back later today and manage to solve at least one problem that occurs due to the many hours working on PC screen. without eyeglasses working on the tiny notebook screen is a torture.

Apart from the ‘private issues’, Greek media  (newsagencies, tv, radios) are on 4hour strike that started today Friday at  6 am and will conclude at 6 am on Sunday, April 24th 2016.

While Greek media are silent, the Eurogroup meeting on Greece is underway in Amsterdam and furthermore I should report about the Review Talks between Greece and its lenders as well as about the upcoming austerity measures 5.4 billion euro, the cuts in pensions,  the new income taxation and the package of indirect taxes..

But as I said working on this tiny notebook is a torture for my eyes and my fingers.

So, at least some of the issues are solved, I will post the very essential minimum.

OH! and PRINCE is dead 🙁


He was found unconscious in the elevator of his villa yesterday morning ( evening in EU time).. Paramedics could not save him. He was 57 years old.Cause of death has not been determined yet.

Rest in Peace, Purple Rain.

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  1. I have a spare desktop screen I can donate. It is fairly good quality LG 22″ and was working well (I upgraded to a bigger screen).

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    oh. that’s nice and generous! are you in Athens?

  3. Exarcheia. I sent you by email my kinito. The screen just sits in a box doing nothing, and it would be better in a new home:-)

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    it may perfectly fit in my home

  5. Ask and you shall receive ktg!

    We thank you Xeno!

  6. It’s really nothing. I am ashamed of things that I possess and do not use — much better to give them to people who need them.

  7. Yes, thank you from me as well, it’s good to see that when KTG calls help arrives.

  8. keeptalkinggreece

    excellent 🙂