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PokemonGo: Boy, 15, crashes with head into tractor hoe

First victim of PokemonGo-mania in Greece. Trying to catch some Pokemon monsters, a 15-year-old boy crashed in the hoe of his father tractor.

The father was plowing the field  in a village of Trikala in Central Greece. Blinded by his ambition to catch a Pokemon, the boy did not ‘see’ the hoe and crashed into it with his head.

The horrified father picked up the boy that was heavily bleeding and transferred it to local hospital. The wound was superficial though and after four stitches they sent the boy home.

PS I wanted to try the PokemonGo and had the idea to make a poll on Twitter whether I should. 70% said I shouldn’t. So I didn’t. I have to have a chat with the sons of a friend of mine – secretly 🙂

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  1. The terrible dangers of going outside… 😉