State ERT to stop live streaming of Golden Dawn speeches and events

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Greece’s state broadcaster ERT will no longer broadcast live speeches and events of  Golden Dawn MPs. At the same time, a commission will be established with the purpose to examine whether recorded material with and of GD party officials is transmittable or not.

Public television channel ERT announced on Monday it will no longer broadcast live the speeches or events of Golden Dawn MPs, while a committee will decide whether to broadcast recorded material.

According to Athens News Agency, The decision comes after the furore caused over the weekend by the broadcast a Golden Dawn event to mark the Imia crisis of 1996.

“ERT had sent a query to the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) on whether it is obliged to broadcast Golden Dawn’s speeches and events. The NCRTV decided that under Article 15 of the Constitution, ERT is required to observe, on the one hand, the principle of proportional equality, but on the other, not to broadcast racist and xenophobic events, which however are legal concepts which ‘have not yet been legally processed and specialized’,” ERT president Dionysis Tsaknis said, responding to the criticism of daily Efimerida Ton Syntakton.

The daily sharply criticized the ERT live broadcast of a GD event on Sunday to commemorate the Imia crisis of 1996. The daily wrote of  “Golden Dawn fiestas” with “the participation of Nazis from Germany, Australia, Italy, Serbia and Poland, where known Hitler-slogans like Heil mein Führer and Sieg Heil were heard” and live transmitted.

Tsaknis said that “the management of ERT decided that: 1) Golden Dawn speeches will not broadcast live and 2) a committee will decide on whether the recorded material can be broadcast or not.”

On its side, the NCRTV – the TV regulator- has not reacted to ERT’s decision and said it will review the material and make recommendations -if deemed necessary – to the public television channel.

Golden Dawn described the decision as “censorship the Stalinist way.”