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Patras: A decent father steals fire wood to warm his children

The economic crisis can lead descent people to commit crimes. Decent but desperate people living in poverty in Greece of bailout agreements. Decent but desperate people who feel no one and nothing can help them. A father in Patras stole a bag with fire wood in order to keep his children warm. The incident has shocked the local community and not only.

The incident happened at 8 0 clock in the evening, at a local supermarket, where the owner had left a bundle of fire wood in a sack outside the store.

A 50-year-old man approached, took the sack and started to run away. Customers who thought he was a common thief started to chase him and caught the man after a distance of 400 meters. He was running like crazy with a load of 20 kilos, eye witnesses said.

They took him back to the store.

“I stole the wood because my children freeze. I am sorry, please, do not humiliate me…” he told the owner of the super market.

Describing the incident to local media, the owner said when he asked  why he stole the fire wood the man said he did it for his freezing children. “The man collapsed right in front of me,” the supermarket owner said obviously shocked that a descent man had turned into a thief for the sake of his children.

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The owner assured that he did not take any legal action against the man and added “we would give him money too.”

According to the International Monetary Fund, poverty in Greece is at 35.7%. The rate has increased in the years of bailout agreement, strict austerity and unemployment rate around 25%. The majority of those over 45-50 are unable to return to labor market once they become unemployed.

A meal at the soup kitchen or a charity package with food and other basic items can cover only a small part of people’s needs.

There are thousands of people forced into poverty, thousands of desperate people seeking without much of hope for a way out.

There are thousands of decent but desperate people out there. Some of them would even  dare to commit a crime in order to survive.

There are thousands of desperate people who feel that no one and nothing can help them.

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