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Daily Archives: February 13, 2017

Pressure cooker lid chases chef through restaurant (video)

Preveza in western Greece. A pressure cooker out of control. A carefree restaurant chef. Then the unbelievable happens. Pressed by the steam the lid of the pressure cooker flies through the air and chases the chef who is also the restaurant owner. The chef survived the attack – but for …

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Turkish security arrests two families attempting to flee to Greece

Turkish border guards handcuffed two Turkish nationals to allegedly attempted to flee to Greece together with their families. The group was detained near the Evros River, the natural border between Greece and Turkey in the north. Citing security source,s Turkish media, note that the two men of the families were …

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Greece is the only EU country where minimum wage is lower than in 2008

Newly released Eurostat data on national minimum wages in the European Union have shown that while the minimum wage increased in all EU countries, in Greece it has decreased to level lower than in 2008. In ten countries, out of the 22 that have a national minimum wage, the amount …

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IMF vs EU Commission on Greece debt sustainability – Poll

The fronts remain unmovable: the International Monetary Fund and the EU lenders are stuck in their position regarding Greece debt sustainability. Big boys and girls playing with numbers, false multipliers and wrong forecasts on the back of millions of Greeks. Big boys and girls playing with the fates of millions …

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Athens: Thousands high-school students protest austerity, education system

Tension in Athens when protesting students attacked a police van on Monday morning. Thousands of high school students gathered in downtown Athens to demand “the school they deserve” and “quality education.” Chanting anti-government slogans, the students urged the left-wing/nationalist coalition Syriza-Independent Greeks to immediately release funds so that there is …

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Weather: Snow, frost, strong north winds, freezing temperature

Have you seen a cat walking backwards? Incredibly quickly? Then turn around and rush to a room in the back of the house – as far away as possible from the balcony door? This is what I saw this morning, when I opened the one of the doors on the …

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