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Greece Joker lottery: €16.4millions go to …Cyprus

The super winner of Greece’s Joker lottery is not even in Greece. The lottery ticket with the lucky numbers 9, 11, 33, 43, 44 and Joker 13 was checked in Limassol in Cyprus. Sixteen point four million euros go overseas.

Two more lucky tickets containing five winning numbers without the Joker were found also in Cyprus. Each of these tickets wins 120,884 euros. Six other tickets of the same winning category were found in several cities across Greece.

The massive payout of 16,428,349 euros came after sixteen consecutive draws without a winner of the jack pot.

The lottery operated by OPAP covers both Greece and Cyprus.

An OPAP official said on Friday, that the super winner had already come in contact with them asking first of all for ‘discrete’.

The winner will receive €16.4 million minus €3.3 million as 20% of the win goes to the tax office. He had spent just 3 euro for the ticket, he submitted Thursday afternoon, just hour before the draw.

The largest amount of the Joker lottery was paid out in April 2010. Three winners had to share 19.3 million euros.

Thousands of debt-ridden Greeks have been placing their hopes on the Joker lottery especially in the last draws, when the jack pot started to offer more than five or six million euros.

Now some are very angry that the winner is in Cyprus and not in Greece, especially after a Cypriot also won the Talent Show.

“The winner can launch his own Talent Show,” someone wrote on Twitter.

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