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Actor Kimoulis resign from head of SNF Cultural Center two weeks after appointment

Actor Giorgos Kimoulis submitted his resignation as chairman on the board of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, just two weeks and one day after his appointment. The resignation comes less than one month after the SNFCC was handed over to the Greek state.

Παραιτήθηκε ο Κιμούλης από πρόεδρος του «Σταύρος Νιάρχος»

In a letter made public in the media on Thursday, Kimoulis suggests that the board of Greece’s biggest new cultural institution was being manipulated for political ends.

He refers in particular to the appointment of CEO Nikos Manolopoulos from the Finance Ministry, accusing the official – previously head of the bankrupt Athens Concert Hall – of “effectively substituting the entire board of directors by taking advantage of the fragile internal balances in the governing party, which I refuse to be a part of.”

In his letter to the board, Kimoulis also stressed that he “will not consent to processes that may in the future be construed as having not been above board.”

Public places are not sealing social rehabilitation nor cover any existential vacuum. While I publicly supported SYRIZA because I judged that it was the only solution for my country at that time, but I did not seek to settle in some public position,” Kimoulis wrote among others.

He urged those responsible to use his resignation as an opportunity to carefully reconsider the operation modus of the center for the sake of the SNFCC and everybody else.

It was not clear whether Kimoulis had also sent his resignation letter to the Finance Ministry, which is responsible for accepting or rejecting it.

Kimoulis said that he would return to the theater.

The Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center has been officially handed over to the Greek state on February 23rd 2016 amid maintenance concerns. Thursday. In a spectacular opening ceremony attended by thousands of people, the SN Foundation gave to Greeks one of the most significant  cultural, educational, environmental and aesthetic projects in the country.The SNCC is located in Faliron Delta, some 5km south of downtown Athens. It hosts the National Opera and the National Library and has facilities for arts, sports and leisure.

It is worth visiting for leisure and pleasure right next to the sea.

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  1. So the first “nationalization” in decades, and Syriza manage to f**k it up. Great. It really bodes well for Greece’s future that a private donation to the State cannot even be managed legally and correctly.

  2. Well, before the German occupation (i.e. 2010) we could blame the state – we all did. After the occupation, however, what state? It just does not exist, having been replaced by a third rate colony run by successive Quislings.

  3. It’s run by Troika, Ianni, our new ‘government’. The quislings are just [over -] paid to pretend it’s democratic.