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Weather Forecast: Showers, Thunderstorms, Sahara dust, Temperatures

It is a common wisdom that the weather is usually unstable in the month of April. The moment you think to take your sun umbrella and head to the beach, you realize it was actually a bad idea. You feel a chilly wind, the sun is gone, grey clouds are over your head and the first raindrops start to fall. Rain in April is not this nerve racking drip-drip of early autumn. Rain in April is short and  and powerful, a shower or even a thunderstorm.

And so will be the weather on the next couple of days. Unstable.

Occasional showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the parts of western, central and northern Greece and the North-Eastern Aegean Sea.

Few showers or isolated thunderstorms in some areas of the Peloponnese , Eastern Sterea Greece, Euboea, the island groups of Cyclades, Sporades and of the Eastern Aegean.

The atmospheric conditions foster the transport of Sahara dust from Africa especially to  the Ionian Sea and the western Peloponnese.

Temperatures will range 5°14° Celsius in West Macedonia, 7°-18° in Northern Greece, 9°-19° in central Greece, 9°-18° in West and South Greece.

In the rest of the country, temperatures will be 7°-21° in continental Greece and 11°-19° on the islands. Except for Crete where temperature will reach up to 24°-25° Celsius.

Winds intensity: 3-5 Beaufort in North-Eastern Aegean Sea, 4-5 B in the South. Locally they will reach 6B.

Weather in Attica and Athens is cloudy to partly cloudy with increased chances for a few showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms. Wind around 4B.

Temperature at downtown Athens between 15° and 20° C.

Thessaloniki: cloudy with probability of temporary rain showers and thunderstorms. Wind 4B. Temperature 12°-17° Celsius.

On Friday, April 7, 2017, a cold weather front with strong North-West wind will lower temperatures. The weather deterioration will be temporary.

All eyes are turned to the weather forecast for next week, especially the last days of the week and the Easter weekend.

Meteorologists speak of “promising forecast”, however, no weather report yet.

PS Unstable weather makes also the two cats unstable. They keep knocking at the door to go outside. Once they realize the weather is not much to their taste, they start knocking to come inside. Once inside, they walk around and start knocking at the door again to go outside and check whether the weather is indeed unstable. Or something.

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