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Hot pursuit: Greek Coastguard against drug traffickers speedboat VIDEO

Greece’s coast guard uncovered an international ring that transported large quantities of drugs from Albania to Italy using high-speed boats. A video released by the Hellenic Coastguard shows the hot pursuit against drug traffickers’ speedboat.

The coastguard’s drug-fighting unit said on Saturday it had arrested five Albanians and two Greeks and seized 1.5 tonnes of unprocessed cannabis and two speedboats, estimating that the ring had made “many millions of euros.”

Hot Pursuit Video released by the Greek coastguard. Suspects’ speed boat in the Adriatic Sea April 7,2017

The months-long investigation, in cooperation with Italy’s Guardia di Finanza, found that the ring purchased large volumes of drugs in Albania and transported then on customised high-speed vessels to the shores of Italy, the Greek coastguard said.

The speedboat was kept in Attica region. The empty boat was identified by an aircraft of the Greek coastguard approaching the shores of Albania on April 6th.

After loading packages of drugs for about an hour, the boat left for the Italian coat.

In the evening the boat was identified by Italian authorities to unload large quantities of raw cannabis leaves in south Italy and left in high speed.

After being chased by the Italian coastguard, the boat escaped in the Greek territorial waters.

The coordinated operation by the Greek coast guard and aircraft of the FRONTEX managed to halt the speedboat.

A coastguard helicopter fired warning shots at the speed boat but the three-man crew did not obey and continued its journey.

The operation ended with the coastguard to have seized two speedboats, 1,800 euros in cash, several documents proving the activities of the drugs rings and thirteen mobile phones devices.

The operation continues in other counties as well. In Italy alone, authorities in Calabria seized 1,449 kg of raw cannabis and one vehicle.

In Greece, the hot pursuit took place off the Tenaro Cape – also known as Cape Matapan-  at the end of Mani Peninsula in south Peloponnese.

The speedboat crew was taken to the prosecutor in Piraeus.

The ring was operating also in other countries of Europe and the Balkan. (helleniccoastguard)

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