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Greek Easter Weather: relative warm, cloudy with showers April 15-17/2017

The weather will be relatively warm on the Easter weekend. Greek meteorologists advise those planning to roast lamb and kokoretsi outdoors: they should start early on Sunday – and finish early. Rainy weather is due as of Easter Sunday early afternoon and Easter Monday.

Temperatures in the average up to 22-24 degrees Celsius.

Αthens up to 22-24 C, Ionian islands up to 23 C, Thessaly, Eastern Peloponnese, Euboea up to 14 C, Cyclades, Crete up to 22 C, Dodecanese, Easter Aegean up to 22 C, Thessaloniki up to 23 C.

Good Saturday, Apr 15/2017

Initially a few clouds over the mainland and Crete as of noon. Later, rain showers and thunderstorms locally, especially in the mountainous regions.

Southwest winds blowing moderate 3-5 Beaufort, but 6 Beaufort in the southern Aegean Sea.

Particularly in the Resurrection evening, local rain showers are expected in central Macedonia, while in the rest of the country the weather will be fair.

Easter Sunday, Apr 16. 2017

In the morning, party cloudy in the Eastern Aegean, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace with possibility of rain showers locally.

As of noon, growing clouds with rain showers and thunderstorms in the west and the north of the country and gradually throughout the mainland and the sea.

Temperature will decrease as of afternoon, south winds will blow strong 5-6 Beaufort and locally 7 Beaufort.

Easter Monday, Apr 17, 2017

  Rain showers and thunderstorms across the country. Gradually and by the afternoon, the clouds and the rain phenomena effects will be limited in the eastern Aegean and Thrace. The temperature will drop further.

North winds will blow 5-6 Beaufort and locally 7-8 Beaufort.

Wind forecast refers mostly wind in the seas.

Indicative some weather forecast. The Hellenic Center for Marine Research (Poseidon) doe snot see so much rain on Sunday, but on Monday.






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