Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Stray dog seeks refugee from loud Easter fireworks in …Church VIDEO

We all know how loud is the celebration of Jesus Resurrection, Saturday midnight. Everybody who has pets, whether cats or dogs, is aware that the cracking fireworks are a torture for any animal. The situation is much worse for stray dogs and feral cats who have nobody to calm them down.

Furthermore, we all have watched our animals to feel in advance the upcoming noisy storm in their and our ears.

And so did a stray dog in Trikorfo village in Nafpaktia in central Greece.

The stray entered the church of Agia Paraskevi just when believers and the clergy exited the building to celebrate and chant Christ Is Risen in the yard.

once inside the church the dog did not wander around. He just sat quietly at one spot, a bit scared, but not of people.

Watch the video

It is not known when the dog left, but it was wise of him or her to seek temporary shelter from the fireworks.

Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in Trikorfo, Nafpaktias.

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