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Greece seamen union extends strike until May 19/2017

The Pan-Hellenic Maritime Federation (PNO) decided to launch a 48-hour strike for all categories of ships on May 16-17 2017. The strike will start at 00:01 Tuesday May 16th and end at 24:00 on Wednesday, May 17th.and ending at 24.00 on Wednesday, 16 May. The PNO warns of escalating its mobilization actions.

In a statement, the PNO says that Greece’s sailors join their voices and their power with the other workers of the country and shout “take back the new austerity measures!”

The statement points out in the seven years of bailout agreements Greek seamen, active and pensioners, have felt more than any other sector the anti-labor measures that led to deterioration of labor conditions, social security rights but also union freedoms.

The PNO warns of continuation of the federation struggle.

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