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Blue Whale game: Teenager girl in Greece harms herself, hospitalized

A teenager girl has been transferred to hospital after she caused harm to herself and swallowed sleeping pills following instructions on social media.  Authorities estimate, the 15-year-old teen is the first victim of Blue Whale suicide game in Greece. The suicide challenge is considered to be responsible for at least 300 deaths of teenager girls worldwide.

The teenager from the city of Katerini in Northern Greece, was taken to a hospital but her life is not in danger.

According to media, the girl received instructions by someone via the Facebook who told her to rake her legs and take a bunch of sleeping pills.

the girl was  indeed self-traumatized but took only two sleeping pills. She got scared and confessed everything to her parents to took her to the hospital and also informed the police.

Last week Greek police had issued a warning  to teenagers and parents about the dangers of the Blue Whale game.

Local police investigates whether the teenager’s injuries have indeed something to do with the game, it asked access to the girl’s computer to find out with whom she was talking to on FB.

“Blue Whale” is a twisted 50-day suicide game played through social media among teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16. Vulnerable teens are highly at risk. They are asked to go through a series of dangerous tests following instructions. The strangers, who have a role as “instructor,” threaten children in case they want to quit the game!

Speaking to Proto Thema the girl’s mother said she wants  to rescue her child t return back to normal life. The mother said that she was not aware of the dangers until she discovered the injuries on the teens’ thighs.

«Μπλε Φάλαινα»: Δείτε τις χαρακιές στο σώμα της 15χρονης - Θέλω να την σώσω, λέει η μητέρα

The girl is under surveillance of child-psychologists trying to find out what was th emotive of the girl to join the game, the newspaper reports.

In November 2016, authorities in Russia arrested a  21 year old man for inciting over a dozen school girls to  commit suicide by taking part in his social media game called Blue Whale.

The game involves brainwashing teenagers, asking them to complete tasks from watching horror movies to waking at strange hours and self harming.

When the victims are exhausted and confused, they are asked to kill themselves, according to police who fear dozens have committed suicide in Russia.

Detained in a prison in Saint Petersburg, Philip Budeikin has no regrets.  He recently admitted to his crimes, calling his victims as “biological waste” . He says he was cleansing society by asking his victims to kill themselves who he said  were happy to die.

Police in Britain fear the suicide game is spreading to the country.

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Police around the world is warning parents about the Blue Whale game dangers.

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