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Municipality workers strike to disturb garbage collection, May 20-23/2017

Two unions of municipality workers launched two 48-hour strikes to protest changes affecting extension of long-term contracts as well as kindergarten staff. The first strikes is launched May 20 21, the second May 22-23 2017.

Municipalities urge residents to not bring waste to the garbage bins. At the same time they cancel sports and cultural events.

Kindergarten workers plan a protest rally at Syntagma square 11 am Monday, May 22, while municipality workers will launch a protest outside the unions’ office at Karaiskaki Square, 9 am on Tuesday.

Beginning of the month, the State Auditors Court ruled that municipality workers with extended work contracts will have to return the salaries they received in the time their contracts were extended. The Court considers the extension of contracts even to one year as against the constitution.  The decision will affect 15,000 municipality workers. Furthermore, the court decision foresees that workers with contracts extended  until 31. December 2017 will not able to receive their salaries.

At the same time, the government plans obligatory participation of children as of 4 years old to kindergartens.

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