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Obscene tweet on Defense Minister Kammenos’ account shocks Greeks

A tweet that shocked social media users. Minutes after the Eurogroup deal on Thursday night, an obscene picture appeared on the Twitter account of Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos: a red tie with smiling and tired phalluses!

The provocative tweet stood there for some six minutes.

Many stunning users thought the Minister’s account was hacked.

Ultimately, Minister Kammenos deleted the Tweet and vaguely claimed it was “the kid” who had played with his account.

“Again the kid hit my account. I delete it.”

The Defense Minister did not clarify whether it was his son or some hacker.

Many understood that he blamed his own child.

Even if the Tweet was deleted, it was too late. Several users had made screen shots and spread it through social media. Severla internet users wondered if Kammenos had intentionally uploaded the controversial tie clumsy but clear attempt to link the agreement with the promise of prime minister Alexis Tsipras to wear a tie when the country returns to growth.

There is a vulgar expression in Greek “you got the pr****” to describe a big failure.

A Twitter storm broke out within minutes.

“Admire a post Greek Defense Minister… disgrace,” New Democracy vice president Adonis Georgiadis tweeted.

“I am ashamed to be in a country where you’re minister,” a user commented on Kammenos’ account and another “You should be ashamed. Resign now!”

“The question is now whether he is more failure as a politician or as a father,” another one wrote and a second “If you can’t handle your son how can you handle the Armed Forces?”

The next morning, the controversial tweet was picked up by mainstream media like or so that even those who missed the inappropriate content to be properly informed.

“Kammenos threatens with law suits anyone who involves his kids in the public dialogue, and now he puts the blame on his kid. Pathetic,” a mainstream news website note.
“It is not a troll,” culture magazine Lifo wrote.

State broadcaster ERT TV reported about the issue Friday noon, even though it showed the tie blurred.

German newspaper Bild reported about it on an article about the Eurogroup, the Greeks and Schaeuble.

Panos Kammenos is leader of national-conservative Independent Greeks and Tsipras’ junior partner in the coalition government. Kammenos describes himself as “devout Orthodox Christian.”

The political world reacted to the obscene Tweet and PASOK issued a statement asking Tsipras to get rid of Kammenos should he refuse to resign.

“We are used to Kammenos behavior but with last night’s obscene tweet he surpassed himself. The fact that he tries to blame his kid makes his behavor even worse,” PASOK noted.

By Friday afternoon, Minister Kammenos had remained silent on the issue.

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  1. You call Kammenos’ Independent Greeks (Anel) “national-conservative”. In fact, the party is right populist, racist and homopobic.

  2. I know someone personally who voted for Kammenos twice because he blamed the Germans for everything. So don’t blame Kammenos, blame the people stupid enough to vote for him!

    You get what you pay for!

  3. Well, our dear Panos is an ego-maniac opportunist, who at the slightest chance of power and position will jump through any hook, including being the supporting leg of the Quisling government. He deserves (together with the other Quislings) only to see parliament again for the last time via a guillotine at Syntagma square.