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Severe hailstorm destroy thousands of agricultural crops (videos, pictures)

Extreme weather phenomena with hail in the size of walnut damaged thousands of agricultural crops in the regions of Trikala, Central Greece, Livadia in Viotia and Argolida in East Peloponnese. The hailstorm uprooted trees, turned roads into rivers and demolished also  photovoltaic installations.

video: hail in Koziaka, Trikala

The hailstorm in Trikala lasted a little more than ten minutes but it was enough to destroy agricultural crops, bring down electricity columns and uproot trees.

According to local media trikalavoice.gr, landslides have occurred in the mountain areas of the region.

Tons of water flew through the streets of Prinos village.

Several villages remained without electricity for several hours. Locals had to helplessly watch how thousands crops of corn, melons and watermelons were destroyed and animals were drowned during the unprecedented storm that hit the area.

State Broadcaster ERT reported on Sunday that even 24 hours after the hailstorm, hail remains unmelted at the side of the land roads.

A wind and rain squall stroke Livadia in the prefecture of Voiotia, damaging ten thousand acres of vine, cotton and other agricultural crops, flooding homes and shops.


Hailstorm destroys agriculture –Pictures from Lamiastar.gr


The storm hit Livadia for about half an hour.

The severe hailstorm that also hit Argolida caused big damages to local agriculture, green houses included.

Local media report of also fallen trees due to the hail storm.

Damaged photo-voltaic park.

Τεράστιες καταστροφές άφησε πίσω της η θεομηνία που έπληξε την Αργολίδα (βίντεο)

Locals say it was a miracle that nobody was hurt by the storm that caused so many material damages.

In Athens, the first storm of Saturday broke out early evening. It lasted some fifteen minutes. A second storm arrived a couple of hours later and poured down tons of water again. It has been raining ever since – Sunday afternoon- with small pauses.

Athens residents say it is the first time some many rainfalls occur in the month of June. An older lady told me there used to be rainfalls in the first month of summer “decades ago, but not so many.”

According to Greece’s National Meteorological Service the extreme weather phenomena with rain, hail and strong winds are expected to weaken as of Sunday night.

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