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Teenager heroine saves siblings before house collapse in Lesvos earthquake

A teenager heroine. In the first moments of panic after the powerful earthquake strikes the island of Lesvos, a 15-year-old girl puts her own safety and fears aside and saves her three underage siblings. The family house collapsed, like many other houses in the village of Vrisa.

“My eldest daughter saved her three siblings, while the earthquake was shaking our entire house” the proud mother of teenager girl Sophia Daouti tells media.

When the powerful tremor struck the area with 6.3 Richter at 3:28 pm on June 12 2017, the parents were at work. The girl was at home with the three siblings: an 11-year-old sister with health problems and the twin boys aged 9.

The two-storey family home had only one elevated entrance from the village’s main street, which leads to the bedrooms.

When the strong tremor began, the siblings were about to lay in their beds for a midday nap. The adjacent main entrance of the house from where they could  run to the street was locked.

When a powerful earthquake strikes, normally people run to the streets.

Sophia’s main concern was not her own survival but the rescue of her siblings.

Through the internal staircase, she went up to the first floor where the children’s bedrooms were.

She took her 11-year-old sister in her arms and took her down to the street. The sister has been suffering form a serious health problem.

Immediately after bringing her sister in safety, Sophia returned to the home. She grabbed the twin boys by the hand and took them out of the house that was still rattling and slowly collapsing.

“I did what I had to do as the oldest child of the family,” Sophia told Sunday newspaper RealNews. “I love my siblings very much, I could not leave them without help, despite that if I was afraid of the earthquake. When you love a lot, you have the power to do everything,” she said.

The heroine of Vrisa – 15-year-old Sophia rescued her siblings

At the time of the earthquake, the mother was working as a cleaner in a house on the other side of the village. She had to struggle with the earthquake as well as rubble had blocked the entrance. With great effort she managed to open the door and ran immediately to the family home, full of anxiety about the fate of her children.

“By the time I got there, I saw my little kids were frightened, they were covered by dust but fortunately they were alive. Our home, like almost all the buildings in the village, had almost collapsed. It was as if a war had taken place,” the mother said.

But my children have survived and I owe this to our little Sophia! She showed coolness and maturity that is missing even by adults. She was the guardian-angel of our family, “she said.

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