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Daily Archives: July 2, 2017

Extreme Weather: Stormy winds up to 8 Beaufort mainland and the islands (maps)

Heat wave goes, stormy winds coming from the North. Sharp temperature drop. A tiny breeze started to blow from South/South-West around 4 0′ clock in the afternoon, Sunday . It was not exactly “cooling” but it did have a small effect and gave hope that the suffocating  heat wave of …

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Minos Kyriakou, shipping magnate and ANT1 owner, dies at 75

Famous Greek businessman Minos Kyriakou passed away at the age of 75 on Sunday evening. The reasons for his sudden and unexpected death have not become known by now. While awaiting for the official hospital statement, Greek media report that Kyriakou was outside the Greek capital when he felt uneasy. …

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My Perfect ‘Eggs in Tomato Sauce’, a Greek hit for hot summer days

Eggs in Tomato Sauce Αυγά με Ντομάτα is a dish Greeks love to eat in the hot summer months. I suppose, Greeks love Eggs in Tomato Sauce, because the dish can be eaten cold when outside the temperatures rise above 40 degrees Celsius like these days. Like these heat wave …

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UPD Greece Civil Protection warns of high risk for wildfires – Maps

Greece’s Civil Protection Authorities issued a statement warning of high risk for wildfires due to high temperatures and upcoming strong winds. The warning is for Sunday, July 2nd  2017. +++ Civil protection expanded the areas as at risk of wildfires due to the meteorological forecast for strong winds up to …

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Schaeuble blames the Greek government for pension cuts

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble insisted that it is successive Greek governments to blame for the pension cuts that have been enforced in Greece and not the international or the European creditors. In an interview to newspaper TA NEA, has insisted in an interview that successive Greek governments were to …

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