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Greek Coast Guard confirms “warning shots” at Turkish cargo ship

The Greek Coast Guard confirmed the incident with the Turkish-flagged cargo ship M/V ACT earlier on Monday. In a statement issued later afternoon, the Greek coast Guard said:

Midday Monday, the port authorities of Rhodes received an anonymous telephone complaint that the Turkish-flagged vessel named “ACT” sailing in the region east of  the island of Rhodes, was transporting drug.

The Port Authority was immediately mobilized, a Coast Guard vessel spotted the Turkish-flagged vessel “ACT”  in the sea area 3.5 nautical miles North-West of Rhodes, within the Greek territorial waters.

The coast guard crew asked the captain of the cargo ship to sail to the bay of  Triandas, Rhodes, in order to carry out a check.

The captain of ACT did not obey the command and the sound signals of the Coast Guard crew. Warning shots were fired, however, the Turkish vessel again did not stop its course. On the contrary, ACT continued its voyage into Turkish territorial waters, while the Greek Coast Guard boat stopped at border line.

At the same time, the relevant Turkish authorities were informed about the issue.
Greek Coast Guard

The Captain of the Turkish ship claimed ACT was in international waters. tha captain said that the ship has 16 holes caused by the bullets.

There are no reports about injuries.

Pictures by Turkish Deniz Haber Ajansi.

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  1. Stanley maragos

    When your ship passes a nations territorial water and a coast guard ship ask you to stop you stop the boat . How I know ? I did worked on an oil tanker long time ago , and one day we forgot to put the flag on , and a US fighter jet pass very low twice until we put the flag on . I don’t know if we dint obey we could get hit by an air to ship missile . The captains exuse was , we hit a very bad weather and may damage the flag . Turkey always try to violate Greek waters and airspace . About time the Greek cost respond the right way . I served by the Greek Turkish borders on top on a M-47 tank , and that time before the Cyprus landing which gave Turkey , the false idea they can abuse Greece , . We had orders to fire anything cross the 2 feet wire fence ,but today Greece became too civilize , which Turkey 🦃 assumes is a weakness . I believe the Greek goverment should fire warning shots on Turkish jets or ships if they don’t obey international laws ,and I do believe they don’t have the guts to retaliate ,Greece is not Cyprus , has jets , tanks, warships , almost equal numbers , and Turks only attack if they outnumber the opponenent that’s their MO.

  2. Stanley, Greece may have weapons and navy but has no leaders faithful to the country and its interests. Instead, it has a bunch of scared crooks who will do whatever their masters say, German or American.