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Where have all the Athenians gone on this hot July Sunday?

Sunday early afternoon in downtown Athens: yawning void, gaping empty streets. A hot day on 23. July 2017, in the middle of famous Greek summer.

The only sound reaching my apartment is the loud concert staged by hundreds of male cicadas calling the females of their kind to a nice and cozy summer afternoon …pick-nick in the trees and bushes. Apparently the females are not so eager to respond to the call because this concert has been going on for hours.

Where have all the Athenians gone?

Here they are. Gone to beaches, every one!

Yong and old packed beach chairs mats and umbrellas, towels and sunscreens, sandwiches, fruits and bottles of water, wore their bathing suits, slipped in their flip flops, locked their homes and left pulling a chart full of toys, balls and plastic floaties in any possible form and color.

The beaches of Attica were full with people seeking a cooling dive in the middle of Greek summer.

Those who were not at the beach today, were either inside their homes with air-conditioning running in full speed or they had gone to one of the nearby islands in the Saronic Gulf in order to escape the boiling cement over the weekend.

Temperatures are again on the rise, a mini heat wave is expected on Monday and Tuesday.,

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