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Full Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse on Aug 7/2017 – Visibility in Greece

The night sky on August 7th 2017 has a little surprise: the Full Moon – the most popular in every year – and a partial Lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse will reach its peak at 09:22 p.m. Greek time

The observation of the eclipse can be done with naked eyes, with binoculars or amateur telescope. One can take a shot with a simple camera.

The shadow of the earth is expected to cover about a quarter (25%) of the moon diameter, which is considered as enough for an impressive sight.

According to astronomers, in Greece the begin of the partial phase of the eclipse coincides with the moon rise.

The moon will be a little darkened already at the moon rise, as the shadow of the Earth will fall on the moon, covering the entire lunar disk.

The Moon rise is at 08:23 p.m. in the East-South-East.

The peak of the partial eclipse is at 09:22 p.m. The phenomenon will be over at 10:18 p.m., when the Moon will be out of the shadow of the Earth.

The National Observatory of Athens will be open to public in the area of Doridis telescope on the Pnyx Hill from 08:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Visitors wishing to observe the Lunar eclipse will have the opportunity to ask questions to qualified staff that will be available.

People wishing to observe just the full moon have the chance to do it from several archaeological sites. The Greek Culture Ministry opens 115 archaeological sites and monuments across the country for the public for a once in a lifetime experience. Entrance is free,

By the way: A solar eclipse will take place on August 21st, but it will not be visible from Greece.

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  1. I lived in Greece for nine years . Can’t remember how often I drove down to Sounion. Always was amazed at it’s beauty!