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Typical Greek: How do we know an angry taxi driver is Greek? VIDEO

How do we know an angry taxi driver somewhere in the world is Greek? No, not because he appeals to Jesus… Not because he looks like a Greek… Not because he is angry like a Greek.

In the following video, the taxi driver has a dispute with a pedestrian. The latter accuses the driver of carelessness after a rather minor accident.

The driver is very angry and accuses the pedestrian for crossing his way. He even threatens him.

“Do you want to go to jail?” the pedestrian who also films the incident asks at some point. The driver replies: “Do you want to go to the cemetery?”

The dispute continues, the taxi drivers get more and more angry, an eye witness assures the pedestrian that he will testify in court… and then the nationality of the driver becomes very clear through the very Greek characteristic word “Malakas*!”

Video in English

The incident reportedly took place somewhere in the USA.

*metaphorically: in everyday usage, Greeks use the word to describe that someone is insane, an idiot, a jerk. literally: oh, that’s a no-no word.

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