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Greek authorities seize 2 tons of Albanian-grown marijuana on Italian yacht

Greek authorities say they have seized roughly two tons of Albania-grown marijuana on an Italian-flagged yacht destined for the Aegean Sea islands.

The coast guard says the seizure followed a tip-off and took place early Friday south of the Greek island of Kythera, at the entrance to the Aegean.

It was one of the largest quantities of marijuana ever confiscated in Greece.

A coast guard statement says the motorized yacht departed from an Italian port and picked up the drugs in Albania, which is a major producer of illegal marijuana.

The two-man crew, an Italian and an Albanian national, were arrested.

The yacht was impounded.

Investigation to locate collaborators and the receivers of the load continue.

ap, amna

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  1. Forgive me for being stupid –
    What is the difference between Albanian grown marijuana & Italian grown marijuana ?
    2 tons is nothing in the scheme of things
    To risk getting caught for 2 tons of weed is stupid.
    Don’t Italians know how to grow their own marijuana ?

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    hm… the info is: italian yacht loaded the marij in albania.

  3. If the yacht was intercepted near Kythira, then it was heading not for Italy, which is in the opposite direction, but in all likelihood for somewhere near Athens or one of the larger islands, avoiding going through the Corinth Canal. With there being two tons, it would have to be somewhere with a good distribution network. No-one wants to sit on two tons of dope for longer than they have to.