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Holidays in Crete – Vintage Videos from the 1960’s

Crete in the 1960’s: Women in black weave with the loom, others take hot bread loafs out of the traditional brick oven and some just make threads. Men hang out at the local coffee shops. Some wear a  traditional costume..

That was the image of Crete, the National Tourism Organization of Greece (EOT) wanted to promote to rich tourists in stylish white dresses.

In another documentary video by British Pathé, one can see the upscale tourist destination of Elounda be a picturesque little village. Or Matala, where locals used to live in the seashore caves during the summer time – before the Hippies came. Also the hard-work at the fields during the harvest. And the women weave and bake bread.

How much has changed ever since?

I suppose, most local women buy their bread at the bakery and their bed linen and tapestry at retail shops. Modern machines are used for harvesting.

And tourists prefer to visit Knossos in much more comfortable clothes and shoes.

But Cretan men still hang out at the coffee shops.

PS Therefore I suppose that industrial revolution in the late 20th century affected more the life of women than of  the men…

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  1. I love that lunch table in the midday sun. Tourists!