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Heartbreaking video: Mourning dolphin tries to bring dead calf back to life

Heartbreaking. A dolphin cow carries her dead calf on her back, refuses to let it go. Again and again, the mourning mom comes out of the water and carries the floating body of her dead baby for a while. IT looks as if she tries to bring it back to life. Again and again. In vain.

More more than one and a half hour, the mourning dolphin carries the dead calf in the troubled waters of the Ambracian Gulf in the northwestern Greece.


The video was released by Tethys Research Institute, a non-profit research organization supporting marine conservation, working with whales and dolphins in Italy and Greece.

Accoridng to local media, two members of a local ecocruising agency were the first to see the spectacular show of mourning in the animal kingdom. They informed Tethys about the mourning dolphin cow and the dead calf and gave them the geographical coordinates. Tethys followed the dolphin for one and a half hour.

Then the sea took the dead dolphin baby forever.

Tethys personnel said that they witness a similar phenomenon in 2016 and described the whole procedure as heartbreaking.

The Ambracian Gulf, also known as the Gulf of Arta or the Gulf of Actium, and in some official documents as the Amvrakikos Gulf, is a gulf of the Ionian Sea in northwestern Greece.

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