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Daily Archives: September 5, 2017

Shocking data show that Drowning is summer plague No1

A 70-yeart-old British tourist died while he was swimming in Fournoti beach, west of Agia Roumeli in the southwest of the island of Crete on Tuesday morning. The man reportedly became unconscious while he was swimming. Other swimmers rushed to help him. They brought the man ashore, a private boat …

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Toddler dies after falling into cesspool of Child Care Facility in Corinth

A 2.5-year-old toddler found a tragic death when he fell into the cesspool of the Child Care Facility. The facility located in Ancient Corinth, north Peloponnese, is a branch of the non-profit child care the Child’s Smile. The branch is currently hosting 38 children and young adults, aged 3 to …

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Greece’s doctors react to limitation of scientific events sponsored by pharmaceutical companies

Doctors in Greece reacted to a decision by the National Drug Organization (EOF) that limits the number of congresses funded by pharmaceutical companies. A circular issued by EOF limits the number of scientific congresses and events sponsored by pharmaceutical companies down to 48 per year. The controversial circular states that …

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Trump praises “American hands and jobs” while Melania wears a Greek dress

Right tweet, wrong dress, failed message. President Donald Trump sent some mixed message on Labor Day. He tweeted in favor of American jobs with American hands. And picked for the occasion a picture with his wife Melania. Too award that the First Lady was wearing dress Made in Italy, designed …

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Cruise ship arrivals to Greece down in 2017, says sector group

Greece is enjoying what’s being billed as the best tourism season ever, nevertheless the cruise ship sector is apparently not keeping up and, in fact, is purportedly showing a noteworthy decrease from 2016. According to initial reports, cruise ship arrivals are down by 24 percent from the same period last …

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17 arrested for wildfires in forest areas across Greece

The Crime Directorate of the Greek Fire Service has arrested at least 17 people for causing wildfires in forest areas across Greece. The last two arsonists were arrests took place on Monday in Ilia, Peloponnese. Two brothers aged 31 and 20 years old, were arrested by the Fire Brigades in …

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