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Salamis SOS – The oil spill captured from a drone (video)

A thick black oily carpet covering the sea and the beaches of Selinia, one of the ports of the island of Salamis in the Saronic Gulf.

Selinia is one of the areas most affected by the oil spill that leaked from tanker Agia Zoni II when it sank with 2,570 tones of fuel oil near the island in the early morning hours of Sunday.

An unprecedented ecological disaster right outside our door.

The Eco disaster in Selinia as seen and captured from a drone.

“The tanker had no breach,” the legal counselor of the shipping company Fos Petrelaio told CNN Greece.

According to To Vima, the oil spill is moving towards the shores of Peiraiki, the East part of the port of Piraeus. The mayor of Piraeus has contacted  officials of the regional government in order to take measures and prevent the pollution of the shores.

Tanker Agia Zoni II sank in the early morning hours of Sunday, September 10th 2017. It was anchored near Atalanti islet between Salamis and Piraeus. The winds brought the oil spill first to the shores of the island, turning the blue sea into a black hell and covering the beaches between Selinia and Kinosoura, thus causing an ecological disaster with a big impact for the local economy.

Details and more shocking pictures in Huge ecological disaster after tanker sinks off Salamis island in Saronic Gulf.

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  1. This is why we need to build more pipelines without the political games of obstructing this one or that one. Yes, pipelines can spill but these are more easily detected, spread less easily and are probably easier to clean up.