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“Anonymous Greece” hack Gov’t website for electronic auctions

The group “Anonymous Greece” has hacked the government website for electronic auctions. The hackers’ attack brought down the website on Saturday.

In a message posted on their website, Anonymous Greece make references to the system of electronic auctions of properties that is to start in a couple of couples but also to the inability of the public health care system to fund the treatment of cancer-sick children outside Greece.

“The time of e-auctions comes closer and all foreign sharks have taken position awaiting to grab the properties of poor Greeks,” Anonymous Greece write in their message and warn that they will not allow this to happen.

In the beginning of their massage, the Anonymous refer to 10-year-old girl Nefeli who is cancer sick in life threatening level. “Health care has turned into luxury for the poor Greeks,” they write.

The Greek public health care system has refused to fund the operation cost in a specialized medical center in Italy, a public appeal by the Athens Doctors’ Association and the mobilization of thousands of Greeks managed to collect the amount of 25,000 euro needed to cover the cost for the removal of a Ewing sarcoma on her right leg on a given time as the medical protocol required .

PS Nefeli is not the first – and most probably also not be the last child in Greece- where parents will need to go public for a crowdfunding campaign in a n effort to save their children.

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  1. The people should auction off the parliament and all its members as slaves. Mauritania or Saudi Arabia would pay a good price.