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Daily Archives: September 28, 2017

IMF and ECB reach compromise on Greek banks, traders in ASE smile

The International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank reached a compromise on the Greek banks: the ECB will accelerate stress tests, the IMF will give up its demand for full asset quality review (AQR). The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday that it sees no financial stability concerns in …

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Umbrella Weather: Rain- and thunderstorms, strong winds of up to 9B, further temperature decrease

Time to get our umbrellas and abandon summer sandals…. Rainstorms, locally thunderstorms, strong North winds with intensity of up to 8 Beaufort and further temperature decrease are the features of weather in Greece for the coming days. According to some meteorologists, snow is also expected in the mountainous areas above, …

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Flooded basements and streets as powerful rainstorm strikes Thessaloniki

Houses and shops were flooded and motorists were trapped in their vehicles when the rainstorm turned streets into rivers. The west part of Thessaloniki was badly hit by the storm on Wednesday evening, a storm that kept on striking until the early morning hours of Thursday. The fire brigades received …

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9-year-old refugee girl dies, 25 rescued after boat sinks off Kastellorizo

A tragedy occurred in the sea area northwest of  the island of Kastellorizo, when a boat carrying an unknown number of refugees sank apparently due to bad weather conditions.Although rescued by a Frontex vessel, a 9-year-old girl did not make it and passed away in the health center of the …

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