Monday , December 18 2017
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Fire Brigades rescue dog from rushing river waters (video)

A shepherd spotted a dog swept away from the waters of the river Alfeios in Peloponnese. The poor animal had somehow manage to save himself from the rushing waters on one of the rocks of the river bed rock under a bridge. But it was trapped.

The shepherd called the Fire Brigades who rushed to the bridge on the national road Pyrgos-Kyparissia.

Two firefighters went down to the rock and approached the dog who was wet and terrified.

After calming down the dog, they tied him with ropes and two of their colleagues pulled him up to safety.

According to reports from the area, when the semi-Belgian shepherd dog landed in safety on the bridge “his glance was full of satisfaction that the bad adventure had finally ended.”

The firefighters located his owner and informed him.

They took the dog to the fire station and they all waited for the happy reunification.

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