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Workers at Urban Train ISAP to launch work stoppage, Oct 9/2017

Workers at fixed-track public transport means in Athens will launch a work stoppage on Monday, October 9th 2017, to protest technical problems in the issuing of electronic Smart Cards and Tickets.

The workers union STASY originally said that they will of the metro, tram and urban train ISAP from 12 o’ clock noon until 3 o’ clock in the afternoon, Monday, Oct 9th 2017. Later, the union said that work stoppage will affect only the Urban Train ISAP, not the tram and the metro.

  • Work stoppage at Urban Train ISAP (Metro Line 1) : 12 noon – 3 pm Oct 9/2017

In a statement, STASY workers call on the Transport Minister to take back “the wretched threats against the workers” and underline five issues that are still unsolved in the new system of electronic cards and tickets.

  1. There is no preparation for the replacement at the end of the month of hundreds of thousands of paper monthly electronic cards at the 15 points of sale.
  2. The necessary ministries have not taken the necessary actions for the free movement of the beneficiaries of discount tickets (disabled, unemployed, etc.)
  3. There is no supply of the necessary number of electronic tickets to cover all the needs of a simple route. Passengers will have to buy a daily ticket, which costs much more.
  4. Commuters have not been informed about the operation of the new system.
  5. No POS electronic payment devices have been installed in all ticket and cards issuing points.
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The STASY workers note that in other European capitals the transition period lasted 18 months while the minister wants it in just 7 months. The accuse the minister of being indifferent to the troubles faced by the commuters but also the management of Athens Public Transport means.

They threaten to intensify their protests.

Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis took radical decisions and threatened to fire unionists if they stop issuing the new electronic tickets and cards.

Of course, when state unionists are at war with the management, the ministers and the whole Greek system of whatever, it is the average Greek citizen who will have to pay the price.

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