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UPD Rouvikonas anarchists occupy Spanish Embassy in Athens for Catalonia

Members of anarchists group Rouvikonas raid the building of the diplomatic mission of Spain in Athens, on Wednesday morning.

The anarchists invaded the Spanish embassy  in Dionisiou Aeropagitou street in downtown Athens at 10:10 a.m.

They threw flyers, opened a big banner and shouted slogans against the “Spanish oppression towards Catalans and Basques.”

Flyers in Greek and Spanish: “Solidarity is the people’s weapon.”

In a statement they uploaded on a website of the anti-authoritarian movement in Greece, they said their action was aiming to protest “the repression exercised by the Spanish state” and “the violence towards voters during the referendum in Catalonia” and express “solidarity with the oppressed people in Catalonia.”

“We are standing by the oppressed people of Catalonia, Basque, Spain. We stand against state violence and repression, “they wrote.

According to Greek media, the anarchists made their way to the Embassy through a side door, they had spoken with the Spanish ambassador and caused minor damages inside the building.

The occupation of the embassy lasted for about one hour.

Police forces rushed to the embassy, 18 members of Rouvikonas have been detained so far. among them are also four women.

more pictures here and here


A Misdemeanors Court in Athens handed a suspended 6-month sentence to the 18 members of Rouvikonas. The charges were on disruption of domestic peace and refusal to give fingerprints.

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