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Russian documentary blames CIA for assassination plan against PM Karamanlis (video ENG subtitles)

A Russian documentary claims that the CIA had plotted to assassinate Greece’s conservative former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis in 2009 over opening relations to Russia as well as geo-political and energy plans in the area.

The documentary was broadcast on main Russian TV news show Vesti a week ago.

According to the documentary, back in 2009 Russia’s intelligence service FSB had intercepted a conversation between agents of the US Central Intelligence Service.  The agents talked about removing then Prime Minister Karamanlis form office and even kill him if necessary.

The documentary suggests that the motives behind the plot was Karamanlis’ support to Russia and in particularly the Southern Stream Gas Pipeline as well as Bourgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline.

The documentary claims further that the plot involved the participation of at least seven terrorist groups and the orchestration of street violence by infiltrating political parties.

The plan against the conservative Costas Karamanlis, leader of New Democracy back then, had the code name Pythia-1

The documentary (video) has English subtitles

Producers describe the documentary as “Political thriller, a sensation, a plot worthy of John Le Carre or Ian Fleming. A story, almost missed by the media. But the story is fascinating, with unexpected plot twists. It’s definitely a detective story, but the detective isn’t from Hollywood, or Britain, or even Scandinavia. This story has been taking place in Greece.”

In September 18th 2017, the First Instance Judicial Council  issued a indictment bill and refereed to trial at the Joint Court of Appeals the Greek-American CIA agent William Basil who faces severe charges of espionage and violations of state secrets. He is accused of having organized the telephone interception of  Costas Karamanlis and half of the cabinet including high-ranking officials of the National Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Public Order.

The bill also referred to trial

  • former PASOK MP, Michalis Karchimakis for being in procession of classified national security documents.
  • several member of Greece’s National intelligence Service for allegedly gave these documents to him.

Due to inability to trace the perpetrators, the part of the case concerning the criminal act to prepare acts of “high treason, conspiracy to disrupt the smooth functioning of the government and depriving the prime minister of exercising power by the Constitution” is being filed.

The bill also states that the actions show that the perpetrators aimed at undermining the construction of the South Stream pipeline through the destabilization Karamanlis government.

The perpetrators were not identified. However, the number of people involved in the surveillance of the former Prime Minister is considered to be 18 men and 2 women, all Greek-speaking. The group was monitoring all the moves of Karamanlis from his home to the office as well as other activities.

Greek secret services have occasionally found C-4 explosives, Tokarev and Kalashnikof weapons, surveillance devices and other material. But the owners were not identified.

According to Greek media, last time, CIA agent William G. Basil, 66, was seen in Greece was in 2014.

Read also KTG report from March 2012:

Russian Spies Reveal Assassination Plan Against Former PM Costas Karamanlis

The full indictment of the Judicial Council in Greek is here.

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