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Crowd in outrage beats the murderer of tax inspector outside court in Athens (video)

The parents of the 32-year-old murdered tax inspector had gone to the court waiting for police to bring the man who had stabbed their beloved daughter. together with them a crowd was waiting boiling in anger.

When police brought the 58-year-old murderer out of the building to take him to prison, the situation got out of control.

With shouts and curses, the parents and the crowd attacked the man, a drug addict who stabbed to death Dora Zeberi in an Athens cemetery last month. “Thug! Murderer!” people shouted again and gain.

Police was unable to protect the man, the parents and the crowd broke the police cordon and beat him.

“Thug! Murdered! We’ll cut you into pieces! You will not live!” the victim’s mother shouted in tears and repeated several times “Death to the murderer!”

Police was trying to hold back the victim’s father who was shouting “Let me get him in my hands!”


As the man arrives at the court in police escort, the victim’s father shouts in rage “Who is he? Who is he? tell me who is he? I’ll kill him! you killed my child!”. Policeman shout at each other “Catch him! [the father]”.  Police is holding back the father, he shouts again and again “Squalid!”

When police finally managed to get him in a car, the parents and the crowd started to hit the vehicle and some also threw several bottles.

Part of the crowd were just citizens in no relation to the victim. They were out of control, they cursed and swore at the murderer and shouted “We also have children!”

The man has reportedly confessed the murder claiming as motive robbery. He stabbed the young woman when she resisted to his attempt to steal her bag. Police identified him through the signal of her stolen mobile phone and security camera footage.

He has a police record. He was serving a prison sentence and he was released after 9 years in prison and after having served 3/5 of his sentence.

He faces charges on robbery with murder.


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