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Symi in State of Emergency after powerful thunderstorm, island without power (pictures, video)

State of Emergency has been declared for the island of Symi that was badly hit by extreme weather phenomena with torrential rain and hail-falls on Monday.  The daylight shows extensive damage to all infrastructure on the island, flooded homes and businesses and tons of mud on the streets.

Special machinery has been deployed from the South Agean authorities, rescuers and volunteers try to repair whenever it is possible.

pictures by Sotiris Sotirakis via StoKokkino.Rodos

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By 10 o’ clock Tuesday, the island remained without electricity as the local power station was damaged by the storm and set out of operation. Efforts are underway to trasnfer a pair of power generating  from the neighboring island of Rhodes. 

As residents and local authorities are counting their wounds, first estimations speak of serious damages in the water supply and the sewerage network as well as to the traffic network.

Serious are also the damages in agricultural land incl thousands of bee stocks.

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The Greek Army has deployed personnel and machinery to the island.

To priority is the removal of mud and stones

Deputy Maritime Minister Nektarios Santorinios flew to Rhodes and form there he went to Symi with the Coast guard boat.

At least ten cars were swept away by the rushing waters and fell into the sea in the port during the powerful thunderstorm Monday afternoon.

Video during the storm by Sotiris Sotirakis

“We have never seen such extreme phenomena,” mayor of Symi, Lefteris Papakalodoukas, told several media.

It was a miracle that no humans were injured, at least so far. Divers from neighboring Kalymnos are reportedly conducting search in the cars that were swept away and into the sea to check whether drivers and/or passengers have been trapped inside.

According to reports the total number of cars swept into the sea in several parts of the island is 40.

picture tvxs.gr

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