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Anarchists riot with firebombs in Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, one woman badly injured (videos, picts)

Anarchists started to riot in two districts of downtown Athens after the peaceful march for the 44. Anniversary of the Polytechnic Students’ Uprising of 1973.

After the march, the clashes started in Alexandra Avenue. According to protesters, riot police squads started to beat them without a reason.

Anarchists hurled flares and molotov cocktail bombs at riot police squad, they responded with tear gas and sound flares.

As the peaceful protesters withdrew, tension and clashed moved towards the district of Exarchia.

A young woman, a lawyer, was injured by a flare while she was speaking with a photo-reporter near Exarcheia square. The flare landed on her leg below the knee that caught fire.

Riot police rushed and extinguished the fire, the woman was transferred to a hospital when she remains. According to latest information she is undergoing surgery.

The riots were still ongoing by 11 p.m. According to live blog short after 10:30 pm police moved reporters and camera crews to Patision Avenue thus hindering them from covering the riots.

Police arrested 16 and detained 23 people.

Clashes broke out also in two cities again after the peaceful marches

In Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, protesters hurled moloyov cocktails and stones at riot police.

Two have been arrested and six detained.

Clashed broke out also in Patras, North-West Peloponnese.

Protesters wearing hoods threw fire bombs at the Justice Hall causing small fires out at the entrance.

The so-called Green anarchists who are active in the city damages the windows of a pet shop and a shop selling furs, broke the windows of a car belonging to the hunters’ association and threw a fire bomb inside.

The set garbage bins on fire.

PS It has been a kind of ‘tradition’ in the last ten or more years that anarchists riot after the march for the anniversary of the students’uprising.

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