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Rouvikonas anarchists walk in Defense Ministry, throw leaflets and leave (video)

It is -supposed to be – one of the best guarded buildings in Athens. The Ministry of Defence. Alas! Anarchists of Rouvikonas did not bother. They entered the premises from the main gate, threw leaflets at the stairs of the main building and left like gentlemen passing by the stunned and probably ‘frozen’ soldiers guards.

The group of some 10-15 people had reportedly arrived from the Metro station, some of them wore face masks. The entered the yard undisturbed.The leaflets had reportedly slogans of “solidarity with the Palestinian people” and against any “imperialism and killers’ alliances.”

In an announcement uploaded on a anti-authoritarian website, Rouvikonas said among others that they chose the day of the anniversary of the Polytechnic Students’ Uprising 1973 “as an intervention against the state, the deep state” because “the army, as a mechanism […] continues to hold a central position in the deep state and so it is the most appropriate to symbolize all the imperialist and geopolitical strategies that the deep state sets over decades (and not four years). “

In a statement the General Staff said that “group of citizens entered without permission.”

“On Friday, November 17, 2017, a group of citizens entered without permission in the courtyard of camp” PAPAGOS ” from Mesogeion Gate and threw leaflets. They were subsequently repulsed by camp security personnel and left,” the statement said.

It added that the chief of Greece’s General Staff ordered an internal investigation with regards “the conditions, the causes and the responsibilities” of the incident. It informed also the Greek Police.

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos who is currently in Canada, has reportedly demanded the punishment for those responsible who allowed the anarchists enter the courtyard. of the ministry.

No detention or arrest has been made.

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