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20-year-old Greek student presents Fake News detector to European Pariament

20-year-old Informatics student, Valentinos Tzekas , presented the updated version of a fake news algorithm to the European Parliament. Artificial intelligence tool “FightHoax” can identify fake news on internet with an accuracy of up to 89 percent.

A new program that can identify fake news on the internet with up to 89 pct accuracy was presented in the European Parliament by a Greek student from the Department of Informatics at the University of Macedonia, Valentinos Tzekas, athensnewsagency reported on Monday.

It is an algorithm that promises to check if what we read on the web is true or false (hoax).

According to athensnewsagency, the 20-year old student presented the second edition of FightHoax, which will be available in a week.

“Everyone is trying to solve the issue of fake news on the internet in a technical way, but we are trying to do so with a more human angle, enhancing the user’s critical thinking at the same time”, he underlined.

Among other things, FightHoax decides if the article is an opinion article, if its headline aims to entice readers to click on it (clickbait), if the language it uses promotes propaganda, is intended to influence opinion or is of poor quality.

It can also provide an analysis of the author’s past activities, such as the websites where he is published, and articles on the same topic from different sources and political views in order to give the reader a global viewpoint.

Finally, it can analyze the source of the article, with information on its founder, how many people it employs, whether it has won awards or distinctions, while presenting various charts so the reader can explore the subject more visually.”

On, Tzekas underlines that

“With an accuracy percentage of 89% (based on the latest and most user requested 172 fact checked articles, 84 true, 84 fake and 4 mixed news articles, from non-profit fact checking organization like Snopes), FightHoax is the world’s first AI-powered algorithm that gives anyone the power to fact check any news article and detect fake news, in seconds.”

FightHoax is currently in the private-beta phase.

Valentinos Tzekas studies at the Department of Informatics at the University of Macedonia.

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  1. Well bully for him. May he live happily ever after in his AI universe of Juncker, Donald Tusk, Theresa May, Rajoy, Macron and puppet master notables such as Killary Clinton, Thomas Freidman, NYT / WAPO et al. I can imagine nobler pursuits than using AI to enforce NATO propaganda.

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