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Anti-Corruption authority confirms €1.1mln embezzlement by Metro workers

The General Inspector of Public Administration has confirmed the case of an embezzlement of  €1,156,000 by workers at the Athens Metro Lines 2 and 3.

The case refers to “fake” tickets offered by STASY workers. Their worth totaled €1,156,000, however, there were no relevant invoices and documents.

Dozens of other corruption cases have been investigated with the result that charges were brought against 1,267 civil servants and municipality workers. Among those charged are 159 policemen and 46 doctors.

The General Inspector of public Administration investigates also 137,000 cases of suspected “naturalization” in the last seven years. Civil servants were reportedly  charging 3,000 to 5,000 euros per case to turn a blind eye. “40 people who obtained Greek naturalization had declared the same residence address,” General Inspector Maria Papaspyrou said.


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  1. No wonder the new “modern” stations didn’t have a ticket machine anywhere on site. I’ve made many efforts to ride the train as a paid customer yet the stations had no way for me to purchase a ticket at a few stations that I used. No matter what bulletproof technology is created against fraud and corruption the Greeks always find a way to bypass things. Good luck AirBnB and UBER.

  2. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    Not only is it impossible to buy tickets from machines because there is usually one with a queue of 100 people behind it, but the old machines (and I think the new ones, but I have never got near one) did not allow use of credit cards. So, the Greek state imposes electronic POS on small shops, including coffee shops, across Greece — but railway and metro tickets require cash?

    Basically, Greeks have a miserable future with the continued blend of corruption and incompetence that has come to characterise the country. Only criminals and politicians (small distinction) will prosper.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    so you wanted to pay 1.40 with credit card…

  4. Martin is right. Only criminals and those seeking a quick profit will benefit with any business dealing in Greece.
    The nation is not yet developed, for example the implemtation of the Ktimatolio. This should have been done back in 1821! No title insurance. No parcel numbers. You should see how records are kept in local records offices. No foreign banks in Greece. They all left. How can a a foreign investor or even a Greek from overseas invest in their own country?
    As for getting a €1.4 ticket at the stations. Even If there are no machines there are no people at the stations to assist. At some stations it is impossible to simply purchase a ticket, cash or credit.
    The nation is a mess. Avoid Greece if you are a serious investor. There are no support services to make a serious investor feel comfortable. Many of the mechanisms for a serious economy do not exist or are still left in the middle age. Law, land registry, estates……etc. Greece is still in the middle age.

    While in Greece. Get drunk. Have fun. Eat, dance, hang out with friends and just don’t make the mistake or waste a minute of your time on holiday thinking about doing business there. Even for a holiday, Greece is not a highly developed destination. It’s not Palm Desert or South Beach. It’s not Cabo either. In the end, Greece will only receive the type of tourist or businessperson it has been developed for and nothing more! You get what you give and if Greece doesn’t invest more in infrastructure and maintenance then it will get tourist that will come in backpacks and settle for the low grade amenities.


  5. keeptalkinggreece

    OMG, my blog is full with commentators who are unable to purchase a simple 1.40-euro ticket. apparently they try it via email or some kind of remote tools. But yet, they mean they know every little detail of Greek life, incl investment, ktimatologio, gyros, beaches , you name it #trolls.

  6. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    KTG: the ticket to the airport costs 10 euros, and when the machines reject the 20 euro note I do expect to be able to use a credit card. besides which, 1,40 is the cost of a coffee and still they are obliged by Greek law to accept a credit card. You appear to be unfamiliar with how professional people live in Athens.

  7. You Said it…..
    Life in Greece sucks.

  8. Fact of the matter is, very few metro systems worldwide accept credit cards via machine. A few more accept them at the ticket booths / customer service.

    Credit cards would slow the allegedly 100 ppl queue down to a snails pace. It’s impractical. Now IC cards are being introduced and there will be a way to use your credit card as one of the recharge options.

    Yes Greece is down the shitter at the moment and yes it has never been a truly developed country.. (and intentionally not allowed to exactly because of the lucrative lopholes that benefit only the most rich of us)
    Education levels are low and the minority that is educated , get the fuck out early and make lives for themselves elsewhere.
    Yes, life in Greece could suck, as much as any other place. But if you are going to talk down, use valid facts otherwise it will just make you look like a bellend.
    I Wish us all better days ahead.

  9. Can we agree on a happy medium? Yes, Martin is right. Using a credit card should be an option. It’s standard in many countries. But, let’s not insult Greece because it’s tourist options are not like expensive US or other locations. One of the selling points for me is going to Elafonisos or Antipaxos and swimming all day long on a remote beach in September laying on a towel and ordering beer and sandwiches from the guy who sells them for under 8 eueros. This is paradise. Not spending 300 USD a night to have a sanitary vacation in Mexico and drink cocktails all day long at some pool. Now that’s just me. Freedom means we all have choices, and I like the low profile of many Greek islands. You want Cabo, go to Mykonos.

  10. Not sure if that was even the point of Solomon’s comment. I dont think there is anything sanitary about cabo (mx) or mykonos for that matter. Id choose those islands you mention. Sounds so much nicer and quieter.

    Regarding the Credit Cards; the whole point of using a machine to issue tickets is to save time.

    If 8 out of 10 (even 6 out of 10) use CC to buy tickets, that would logically make for longer queues.

    Similar case w supermarkets then (and why they designate some cashiers as cash-only).

    And that’s all I wish to point out. Not fully against them per se; just believe there’s no place for them on ticket machines – purely for practical reasons then.

    And why in many countries in the world (and not just the E.U) there are no CC options for ticket machines. But then few have this option for IC /rfid card recharge and similarly so have this option at ticket booths / cs desks also.

    Fair though; in post memorandum Greece a large majority of ppl use CC, to pay for pretty much anything that can be paid w one – for record reasons, tax reasons etc

    So I can see the hypothetical CC option becoming very popular. One can assume anyway…

  11. I like the option of having a credit card, but prefer just putting a few coins and get my ticket as I don’t use the metro that much. More options is better, but I realize maybe that comes at a cost? Maintenance on the machines etc? At any rate, both Don and John are correct above. And finally, the Greek metro system is so nice and clean, and SAFE! unlike the ones I’ve seen in some countries like UK and USA.

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