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Cute little lamb offered as oblation to St Andrew? Animal lover files lawsuit

A little lamb tied outside the church of Saint Andrew in Patras caused the intervention the public prosecutor and local police after an animal lover filed a lawsuit. The little lamb was offered as oblation by a faithful member of the parish on the name day of the Saint on November 30th.

The woman who went to church to fulfill her religious duties saw the little lamb tied. She alerted the police and filed a law suit for “animal abuse” against the church priest and the lamb owner.

According to local, the woman is a member of a local animal welfare association.

Both the priest and the manager of the Church expressed their bewilderment about the lawsuit and speak of an “exaggerated reaction.” They told media that the lamb was treated in the best possible way from the very first moment and that “it was already free to wander around in the priest’s animal farm.” The woman insisted that the animal was suffering from being tied, the priest told adding that he had assured her the lamb would be transferred to his own farm.

Police is still seeking for the faithful but not so respectful owner of the little lamb.

The Greek Animal Protection Law of 2012 is very clear on issues of animal abuse. One had just to read it in order to avoid fines of several thousands euros.

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PS I am not so sure, St Andrew was happy about the live offering and that’ why he probably sent an animal lover on the spot.

St Andrew is known to protect farming, husbandry and fishermen but also to punish those who do not show respect.

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