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Locals paint the garbage bins and change the mood in their village

With a simple move, residents of Apikoia on the island of Andros changed the look of their village. They painted the ugly garbage bins in bright colors and the landscape and the mood changed immediately.

All they needed for this pioneer action was good will and inspiration, a few liters of paint, brushes and eager hands.

Locals find the action very positive and say they feel in a more pleasant mood when they go to the garbage bins to throw their rubbish.



The garbage and recycling bins were a collection point also for old mattresses and debris, and it was “a shame that tourists come and clean up while we sit in our  couches” locals told

Purpose of the action was raise awareness to the environment, make their village more pretty and show respect.

Mission accomplished.


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  1. Good idea – looks great! I spent a couple of weeks in Apoikia back in the mid-eighties. A friend of mine had a house there. Very few foreign tourists on Andros back then, nearly all Greeks. Lovely place.

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