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SPD leader and ex EP president Martin Schulz wants United Stated of Europe by 2025

Germany’s second largest party SPD leader Martin Schulz called for the transformation of the European Union into a United States of Europe by 2025 with a common constitution.

“Europe is our life insurance,” Schulz told an SPD party convention in Berlin on Thursday.

The former President of the European Parliament went so far use “democratic” ways to gain support for his romantic vision of future Europe and threaten with punishment the EU member states that would not agree with his vision of a federal Europe.

German SPD is currently negotiating with Merkel’s conservative CDU and sister party arch-conservative CSU for a big coalition government.

I suppose, with “We” Schulz means his brothers and sisters in the SPD

Schulz’s center-left party suffered a historic defeat in the German general elections in September this year. And it will suffer another one in the next European Parliament elections, if he and his supporters will not return back to earth.

For the time being, the perception the majority of Europeans has of a United States of Europe is a haunting ghost where Brussels gets even more powers.

Another experiment? No, thanks! At least, Greeks had enough of failed experiments….

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