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Granny, 97, refuses to move to nursing home concerned about the future of her aging dog (video)

A story of love and devotion between an 97-year-old lady who needs care and her loyal dog of 22 years who needs care as well.  Life, age and health issues had to separate them.

For this reason, the lady, a resident of a village near Chania on the island of Crete, has been refusing to move to a nursing home. Despite health issues and the fact she had no family members or relatives to take care of her at home.

The nursing home would not accept the dog and the granny did not want  to leave the aging animal without care or even worst: abandon on the streets.

They were both experiencing a difficult condition. The old lady was saddened her health problems and the future of her beloved Oscar, the dog was kept tied in the yard because she was not able to take care of him properly.

It was the granny’s late husband who had found Oscar as a puppy abandoned on the streets and brought him to their home. A bond for life.

The case seemed hopeless.

Until a lady, probably a neighbor, contacted a local animal welfare organization, and told them about the problem.

A couple got touched by the story and decided to adopt Oscar, offering him a loving home until the end of his life.

“>The dog was taken to the city Rethymno, some 60 km away. Reports from the new home say that Oscar seems to comply well with the new conditions despite his advanced age. He still remains cautious but enjoys the walks and the treats given from a loving hand.

The moment of separation was difficult, the granny had no words to thank enough the animal welfare members for finding a good home for her dog, and Oscar got a bit upset, showing his last remaining two teeth to scare off the lady who went to pick him up.

Oscar on the way to new home

I personally think it is brutal to separate elderly people from her pets.

I know it is difficult, yet I believe it is not impossible for nursing houses to allow limited number of pets to move in together with their owners. Most of these animals are old too. It is a matter of organization and mercy for both the elderly and the pet who have spent a ‘whole life’ together.

What do you think?

Should nursing homes allow pets to move in together with their owners?

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  1. Hecataeus Miletuss

    This is one of the more touching stories I’ve seen on KTG with all the other stressors in our life. Made me smile and know that amongst the slime of daily life.

  2. As an ex manager of a care home in UK I can confirm that allowing animals to enter the home with owners is of great benefit to not only them but other residents, we had a menagerie of budgies, dogs etc as long as the staff agree to the walking and cleaning of the dog there is no down side to it

  3. keeptalkinggreece


  4. What a sad solution for this lady! To be separated from her dog may even speed up her passing away! Defenitely the nursinghome staff should do some studying all that is written in scientific research how being close to a pet enhances wellbeing and social contacts. Many elderly homes in the Netherlands allow pets, and even the staff bring their own to socialize with the elderly.

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